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We at Mold Illness Made Simple want you to have an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience. Please review our Terms of Service and Refund Policy.

General Terms of Service

  • Unless otherwise acknowledged all content is copyright Dr. Sandeep Gupta. Do not share any course content, either privately or publicly, electronically or via printing out course materials.
  • Do not share your username or password with anyone else. Suspicious/multiple IP use will be investigated.
  • The course is not compatible with mobile smartphones such as the iPhone. You will need a tablet, laptop or desktop computer to access the course.
  • The length of the membership is lifetime.
  • Questions to the info or support email addresses should not be requesting specific medical or remediation advice; instead they are for technical support, affiliate or professional questions.
  • If you require specific questions answered, Dr. Gupta is available for consults either in person, via phone or via Skype. Contact Lotus Holistic Medical if you wish to arrange a consult.
  • Questions to the private Facebook group or other forums should not be about specific medical advice.

Refund Policy

We do have a refund policy/money back guarantee, primarily if the course is not beneficial for you.  Conditions that need to be met:

  • You must have made an attempt to progress through the Mold Illness Made Simple course at least 50% (i.e. to the end of Week 4) unless there is a technical issue with accessing, or progressing through, the course.
  • If you are having login problems or other technical issues using the website please read the FAQ for help and if that doesn’t resolve your issue, contact support via email.
  • Changing your mind is not sufficient reason for a refund.
  • Discovering you likely have, or do not have, CIRS is one of the aims of the course and thus discovering you do not have CIRS is not a sufficient reason for a refund by itself.
  • Running out of time to progress through the course is not a sufficient reason for a refund.

If you feel the course has not been beneficial i.e. that you haven’t been given enough information and clarity about CIRS/Mold Illness and would like to continue with a refund request please email Mold Illness Made Simple support stating your reason(s).

Affiliate Terms of Service