Pre-Enrollment Questions

What is Mold Illness Made Simple 2?

Mold Illness Made Simple 2 is an online course that outlines the basics of Mold Illness more formally known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Created by holistic physician Dr. Sandeep Gupta, MD it aims to provide students with the clarity and confidence in understanding and conquering CIRS from both a medical, (how CIRS affects the body and how it can be treated), and environmental (how are water-damaged buildings inspected, tested and remediated) viewpoint.

Is there any science behind Mold Illness/CIRS?

Yes and it’s growing everyday. Visit the CIRS science page for the latest research.

Who is the course for?

Patients and carers: For patients who suspect they may suffer from CIRS it will provide you with the tools to be screened appropriately for CIRS and the tests/health professionals required for a full CIRS diagnosis and treatment. For patients already with a CIRS diagnosis the course is an excellent resource to assimilate the steps of the CIRS protocol and the basics of building inspection and remediation.

For health practitioners this course is the best and fastest way to learn about CIRS and the Shoemaker protocol from a health, and environmental, perspective to enable you to screen, diagnose and treat your patients more effectively.

For Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP) and mold remediators it will give you the understanding of the health side of CIRS/mold illness and enable you to recommend appropriate medical care for clients.

What does the course consist of?

The course consists of 30 lessons across nine modules (eight core modules and one bonus) that totals 17 hours in total. Each lesson has a 10-60 minute video with a lecture narrated by Dr. Gupta over animated PowerPoint slides.

For a detailed course overview start at the module 1 outline page.

Is the course available to be downloaded to my computer or tablet?

The course lecture PowerPoint slides, quiz results and certificate can be downloaded. The lecture videos are streamed.

How much does the course cost?

The full enrollment cost is $299 USD.

How do I enroll?

Visit the enrollment page to pay via PayPal for instant access. If you don’t wish to pay via PayPal you can contact Lotus Holistic Medicine, (email for alternative arrangements.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course!

You should allocate approximately 2-3 hours to complete the video lecture.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered on-demand, so you can log in and access the content at any time. The course is not drip fed and neither is it linear, so you can jump from lesson to lesson anytime you wish.

What is the refund policy/money back guarantee?

View the Mold Illness Made Simple Terms of Service page for full details.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes. It pays 40% commission. Please email support stating your name, website or business details and your experience with CIRS/Mold Illness. You can also view the Affiliate terms of service.

Enrolled Member Questions

Logging In

How do I log in?

You can log in at any time by going to the Students menu at the top of the Mold Illness Made Simple 2 homepage and choosing MIMS 2 – Welcome, MIMS 2 – Course Progress or Account.

You will then be presented with a login form asking for the username and password that you created when enrolling.

For your initial login it is recommended you start at the MIMS 2 – Welcome page.

How do I log out?

To log out from Mold Illness Made Simple choose Log out from the footer.

Note: It is not necessary to log out each time, it will actually save you time not having to log in each session, if you don’t.

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

When logging in to any Students page there will be a ‘Forgot Password’ link. Click on this link and input your email address to reset your password.

I’ve forgotten my username, what do I do?

Email technical support with your full name and the email address you used when enrolling.

Progressing through the course

How do I progress?

Sequentially: Each lesson when initially viewed will show the following at the bottom of the page.

Click on the green ‘Mark as Completed’ button once you have completed viewing all videos on the page. You can revisit the page at any time during your course membership. It will now show the following.

Click the ‘Next Lesson’ button to move to the next lesson. There will usually be a ‘Previous Lesson’ button as well to go back. You can also use the Course Progress page, see next section, to navigate between lessons.

Randomly: You can use the Course Progress page to jump around lessons and modules, you do not need to progress sequentially from one lesson to the next.

The Course Progress page

At any time you can visit the Course Outline page by choosing MIMS 2 – Course Progress from the Students menu option at the top any page. The page will show all of the Mold Illness Made Simple 2 modules and lessons.

You do not need to complete each lesson in order to progress to the next one. You can go to any lesson at any time.

When does my enrollment expire?

Every enrollment is now lifetime and valid for as long as the Mold Illness Made Simple website is active.

Contacting Support

If you are having problems that haven’t been answered by this page please email support on

State your username, computer model, operating system and web browser used, plus a detailed explanation of the problems you’re having, with a screenshot if possible.