Mold Illness Made Simple v2
Mold Illness Made Simple version 2 is the most up-to-date and comprehensive online course for Mold Illness, also known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), Mold Toxicity and Mycotoxin illness.
Module 1 Introduction to Inflammation and CIRS
MIMS 2 - Module 1
Lesson 1 What is Inflammation?
Lesson 2 The Mechanisim of CIRS
Lesson 3 Other Ways Mold and WDBs Can Impact Health
Lesson 4 CIRS Prevalence and Research
Module 2 Other Causes of CIRS (Besides WDBs)

Module 2 looks at other biotoxin exposures apart from mold and water-damaged buildings.

Lesson 1 CIRS Due to Lyme or Babesia
Lesson 2 CIRS Due to Stealth Infections & TBI
Lesson 3 CIRS Caused by Contaminated Bodies of Water and Ciguatera
Module 3 Screening for CIRS

Module 3 looks at screening tools that clinicians and patients can use to indicate they possibly have CIRS and warrant further diagnosis.

Lesson 1 CIRS Case Definition, Related Conditions and Symptom Clusters
Lesson 2 VCS and HLA
Lesson 3 Mold Sabbatical
Module 4 Diagnosing CIRS and Mold-related Conditions

Module 4 looks at the diagnosis of CIRS and other mold-related illness using various biomarkers.

Lesson 1 Biomarkers of Inflammation and Hormonal Regulation
Lesson 2 Other Biomarkers, Mycotoxin Testing, OAT and MARCoNS
Lesson 3 NeuroQuant and Transcriptomics
Module 5 CIRS Treatment

Module 5 looks at the various treatment options for CIRS and other mold-related conditions.

Lesson 1 Removal From Exposure and Binders
Lesson 2 MARCoNS, Nasal Fungi, Anti-gliadin Antibodies, Androgens
Lesson 3 Hormone and Inflammation Correction
Lesson 4 TGF-β1, VIP and Neurogenesis
Module 6 Mold, Water Damage and Building Testing

Module 6 looks at the basics of water damage and microbial growth and the testing and inspection of buildings.

Lesson 1 Basics of Mold, Water Damage and WDBs
Lesson 2 Inspection Professionals and Methods
Lesson 3 Microbial Sampling
Lesson 4 Fungal DNA Testing - MSqPCR, ERMI and HERTSMI-2
Module 7 Basics of Remediation

Module 7 looks at the remediation professionals and the basics of remediating building structures and contents.

Lesson 1 Remediation Professionals and Standards
Lesson 2 Remediating Building Structures
Lesson 3 Remediating Contents
Module 8 Finding and Maintaining a Healthy Home

Module 8 looks at how to find and maintain mold and toxin free homes, workplaces and vehicles.

Lesson 1 Avoiding Water-Damaged and Toxic Locations
Lesson 2 Maintaining a Healthy House
Module 9 Bonus

Bonus module

Lesson 1 Testing WDBs Using Biomarkers
Lesson 2 Psycho-emotional stress and trauma, Limbic, Vagus
Lesson 3 COVID-19 and CIRS
Lesson 4 Other Causes of Multisystem Illness
Module 10 Final Quiz

Optional 2 part quiz for the course. Successful passing (75% and above) will grant you a certificate of completion.

Lesson 1 Quiz for Part 1 (Modules 1-5)
Lesson 2 Quiz for Part 2 (Modules 6-8)