Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Sandeep Gupta

Hi, I’m Dr. Sandeep Gupta, MD.

I first became interested in mold illness when I was exposed to a water-damaged building after the 2011 Brisbane (Australia) floods and developed a variety of unexplained symptoms. I wanted to understand the root cause of mold illness, so sought out the research of Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, MD and became Surviving Mold certified in 2014. I launched the first version of Mold Illness Made Simple in October 2016, to give patients and practitioners a way in to this complex topic. Mold Illness Made Simple 2 expands about version 1 considerably given the new testing and treatment approaches in the last four years. I wish you good health and a clear mind on your mold illness journey.

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What You Will Get in Mold Illness Made Simple

Module 1
What is CIRS/Mold Illness and How Does It Occur?

Lesson 1: What is Inflammation, SIRS and Sepsis?
Lesson 2: What is the Mechanism of CIRS?
Lesson 3: Other Ways Mold Affects Health
Lesson 4: How Common is CIRS and What Research Supports It

Module 2
Other Causes of CIRS (Besides WDBs)

Lesson 1: CIRS Due to Lyme or Babesia
Lesson 2: CIRS Due to Stealth Infection & TBI
Lesson 3: CIRS Caused by Contaminated Bodies of Water and Ciguatera

Module 3
Screening for CIRS/Mold Illness

Lesson 1: CIRS Case Definition, Related Conditions and Symptom Clusters
Lesson 2: VCS and HLA
Lesson 3: Mold Sabbatical

Mold Illness Made Simple - CIRS Symptom Clusters

Module 4
Diagnosing CIRS/Mold Illness

Lesson 1: Biomarkers of Inflammation and Hormonal Imbalance
Lesson 2: Other Biomarkers, incl. Urinary/Blood Mycotoxins, and MARCoNS
Lesson 3: NeuroQuant and Transcriptomics

Module 5
Treating CIRS/Mold Illness

Lesson 1: Removal From Exposure and Binders
Lesson 2: MARCoNS, anti-gliadin antibodies, androgens
Lesson 3: Hormone and Inflammation Correction
Lesson 4: TGF-b1, VIP and Neurogenesis

Module 6
Mold, Water Damage and Building Testing

Lesson 1: The Basics of Mold, Water Damage and WDBs
Lesson 2: WDB Inspection Professionals and Methods
Lesson 3: Microbial Sampling
Lesson 4: Fungal DNA Testing – MSqPCR, ERMI & HERTSMI-2

Module 7
Basics of Remediation

Lesson 1: Remediation Professionals and Standards
Lesson 2: Remediating Building Structures
Lesson 3: Remediating Contents

Module 8
Finding and Maintaining a Mold Free Healthy Home

Lesson 1: Avoiding Water-Damaged and Toxic Locations
Lesson 2: Maintaining a Health House

Bonus Module

Lesson 1: Testing WDBs Via Biomarkers
Lesson 2: Psycho-emotional Stress and Trauma, Limbic and Vagus
Lesson 3: COVID-19 and CIRS
Lesson 4: Other Causes of Multisystem, Multi-symptom Illness