Continued Clarity for CIRS/Mold Illness

9 Modules. 30 Lessons. 17 hours of animated lectures.

Overcome the Overwhelm

Mold Illness/Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is complex with a great deal of conflicting information out there. Mold Illness Made Simple is the only course that breaks down its complexities into easily to understand components from the experts in the field. You will receive:

  • Video Lectures  – The course consists of 18 video lectures narrated by Dr. Sandeep Gupta over high quality slides.

  • Workbook – Accompanying each lecture is a high quality workbook.

  • Certificate of completion – Upon finishing.

What is Mold Illness/CIRS?

Learn the fundamentals of CIRS and the Shoemaker protocol with easy to understand diagrams and vocabulary.

  • Screening and Diagnosis – How is Mold Illness screened and diagnosed using symptoms, history and VCS?

  • Biomarkers – What do the CIRS biomarkers such TGF-b1, C4a, MMP-9, MSH and VIP do and what are their normal ranges?

  • Shoemaker Protocol – What are the steps of the Shoemaker CIRS Protocol in-depth but easy to understand?

  • Mold Avoidance – What is mold avoidance and mold sabbatical? How can it help you in your journey?

Test and Fix Water-Damaged Buildings

The biology of Mold Illness/CIRS is one aspect, but there is also the environmental aspect that includes water-damaged buildings and the toxins they can create.

  • Testing buildings  – What is the difference between professional, ERMI, HERTSMI, air and surface testing and which should you rely upon?

  • Remediating Buildings – When is professional remediation required and what are the basics of remediating a building.

  • Remediating Posessions – What do you do with your possessions, including clothes and furniture from a water-damaged building?

This is a must-do introduction to mold course for all health practitioners. If you see any patients with chronic, multi-factorial disease this is seriously going to change your treatment outcomes and transform your patients lives. Dr Gupta has carefully collated the course to be hugely useful for both mold sufferers and clinicians alike. If I could give it 6 stars I would!

Briana Gunn, Naturopath, Healthy for Life

MIMS is a comprehensive look at CIRS, and it empowers us with knowledge to move our health forward to new levels.

Scott Forsgren, FDN-P,

I 110% endorse this course. I think it’s amazing. I think you’re done a phenomenal job with a very complex topic…I really encourage you if you are confused or overwhelmed, get the course.

Dr. Jill Carnahan, Flatiron Functional Medicine

For those with CIRS, Mold Illness Made Simple is a great place to get a solid understanding into what the illness is all about and how to treat it.

Greg Muske, Biotoxin Journey

Your course is just really helpful in ‘Hey, here’s what we know. This is the facts of the protocol. This is what the protocol is. This is why we’re doing it. This is what we expect.’

Dr. Mary Ackerley, MyPassion4Health

I highly recommend your course. It’s excellent.

Dr. Scott McMahon, Whole World Heathcare

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