Emotional Toil of CIRS

The Emotional Toll of CIRS / Mold Illness

I believe the emotional toll of CIRS an underrated topic as most mold websites focus on the science behind CIRS and the cascade of inflammatory chemicals which takes place. But behind all this is a person who is experiencing the devastation of losing their health. The person who has found out that their home is Read more about The Emotional Toll of CIRS / Mold Illness[…]

Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone

CIRS’ key hormone – Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH)

Alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH) is a critically important regulatory neuropeptide. It is produced in the hypothalamus, an area of the brain important for hormonal control of the body, and where the nervous system meets the endocrine system. Small amounts are probably also produced elsewhere in the brainstem. (1) What does a-MSH do: Helps regulate other hormones (cortisol/ACTH, ADH, Read more about CIRS’ key hormone – Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH)[…]

CIRS Science

Consensus Statements Berndtson, K., McMahon, S., Ackerley, M., Rapaport, S., Gupta, S. & Shoemaker, R.C. (2015). Medically sound investigation and remediation of water-damaged buildings in cases of CIRS-WDB – Consensus statement – Pt 1. Center for research on biotoxin associated illnesses. Full text. Schwartz, L., Weatherman, G., Schrantz, M., Spakes, W., Charlton, J., Berndtson, K. & Shoemaker, R. (2016). Indoor Read more about CIRS Science[…]

Elevated C4A and the Havoc It Causes

One of the major effects of CIRS in response to exposure to water-damaged buildings, is a significant elevation of the levels of C4A, a split product of complement C4 protein, a protein of the immune system. Often genetically susceptible patients with CIRS, who have had exposure to a seriously water-damaged building will have C4A levels Read more about Elevated C4A and the Havoc It Causes[…]